Spring Fair

Spring Fair is back in 2017! 

Saturday 11 November 

In 2017 our famous Warranwood Primary School Spring Fair will be held on Saturday 11th November, 2017. 

Here it is! Our first newsletter - lots of information about the day! 


And HERE is our current newsletter. Lots more information! 


Our whole community, including businesses who provide crucial support to our families, gets behind the Spring Fair to make it the event of the year! In 2015 we raised $45,000 to support our school programs. So what do we do with all the money raised? Our school has wonderful facilities in excellent condition – much of this is due to the support of our community for fundraising events. Over the years the Spring Fair has funded a wide range of programs and facility development. This has included computers and computer equipment, books and other literacy materials, phys ed equipment, even things such as the covered BBQ area and playground equipment. This year profits will be directed towards installing fans and heating in our gym and creating an outdoor kitchen, all things that will support the students of Warranwood.

We are very keen to have local businesses and community groups involved in this year's grand event. You can download our sponsorship prospectus HERE. Or contact our 2017 Spring Fair coordinator Kellie Spiden at parentsassociation.wps@gmail.com 

So please support our 2017 Spring Fair – it is an exciting event, with its success relying on the good will and support of our community! 

Thanks to Cambell for his great job designing this year's logo!